Australia Daily Fantasy Sports sunset - overview

Effective 15 November 2021, DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports no longer offers contests in Australia, and deposits or entries into all contests will be prohibited while located in Australia. You’ll still be able to withdraw funds, and effective 16 November DraftKings converted your DK Dollars, Crowns, and contest tickets to US Dollars (USD).

Please review the following frequently asked questions to learn more about this change:

Can I withdraw any remaining funds in my account? 

Yes, you may still access your account and withdraw funds. Learn more about withdrawing from DraftKings.

What will happen to my existing Crowns, contest tickets, and DK Dollars? 

DraftKings converted Crowns, contest tickets, and DK Dollars in your account to the equivalent of real USD that can be withdrawn, as follows:

  • DK Dollars are equivalent to $1 to $1 USD.
  • Crowns are 550 Crowns to $1 USD.
  • Contest Tickets are $1 to $1 USD.  

Will I lose my Ironman Achievements? 

DraftKings awarded the USD cash value of any Ironman Achievement payouts to any player who was tracking to hit an Ironman Achievement based on ratios above:

  • DK Dollars are equivalent to $1 to $1 USD.
  • Crowns are 550 Crowns to $1 USD.
  • Contest Tickets are $1 to $1 USD.

Example: 25,000 Crowns would be paid out as $45.46 USD.  

When will I see the converted Crowns, contest tickets, DK Dollars, and Ironman Achievements in my withdrawable funds?

While DraftKings stopped offering daily fantasy sports contests in Australia on 15 November 2021, the USD cash credit for the above items took place on 16 November 2021.

What if I didn't want to cash out my Crowns, contest tickets, or DK Dollars?

If for any reason you didn't want any of the above items cashed out, please reach out directly to

Are Best Ball entries closing? 

Previously entered Best Ball entries will remain live. 

What happens to contests I’ve already entered for after 15 November?

Any entries for other fantasy sports contests that start on or after, or continue past, 15 November will be withdrawn and the entry fee will be refunded back to your account. 

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