Where is my PayPal withdrawal? (AU)

After a PayPal withdrawal request is processed, you'll receive the withdrawn funds using the email associated with your PayPal account, typically within 3 days.

  • To view the most up-to-date status for your withdrawal, please visit the withdrawal tracker.
  • If you don't see the funds added to your PayPal account within 3-5 business days, the withdrawal will be safely returned to your DraftKings account. This may occur if PayPal doesn't approve the withdrawal request, or in scenarios where playthrough requirements weren't met.

PayPal Withdrawal Requirements:

  • The maximum amount which can be processed to PayPal is $60,000 ($15,000 in Australia) and PayPal withdrawal requests cannot exceed this total. 
  • PayPal requires a verified bank account associated with your PayPal account, or an existing PayPal balance on file.
  • PayPal doesn't permit business accounts to deposit.
  • The email address used for the PayPal withdrawal must be in your name, using an email address confirmed by PayPal, and a confirmed bank account attributed to the PayPal account.
  • A prior PayPal deposit is required. 


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