Why isn't my debit card supported for withdrawals? (CA)

Important Information

DraftKings’ ability to provide instant payout withdrawals is at the discretion of both the card brand (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) and payment issuer (your financial institution). 

If you aren’t able to use your card on file for this withdrawal type, it may be because your card brand or payment issuer hasn’t approved instant payout withdrawals for DraftKings.  

Frequently asked questions

Why are some cards on my account grayed out when I select instant payout withdrawal?

All cards saved on your account will be listed, however, any grayed out card hasn’t been approved for instant payout withdrawal by either the card brand or payment issuer. 

Why don’t I see an option for instant payout withdrawals? 

If none of your saved cards support instant payout withdrawals, you won’t be presented with the option on the withdrawal screen. 

Why can’t I use a credit card for instant payment withdrawals? 

Credit cards aren't approved for instant payout withdrawals, however, additional options are being added regularly.