How do I apply a boost? (CA)

There’s a few different boost types on offer within Sportsbook. Some boosts are already an enhanced price without any steps before you can place your bet! Then there’s two other boost types that use a token that lets you apply the boosted price to a specific bet. Often you’ll need to Opt-In to receive the token.

  • For “Odds Boosts” tokens, you’ll get to apply it to a specific outcome (e.g. Chiefs to win) or you might get the choice of outcomes (e.g. any NFL W1 moneyline). The updated boosted price will be displayed both on the betting pages and in your betslip. 
  • For “Profit Boosts” tokens, you can boost your profit on a single or parlay bet by a set amount. E.g. you might be able to get 50% more winnings so a bet that would normally win $100, will win $150.

With both Odds Boost and Profit Boost tokens, remember that you'll need to add your bet to the betslip, and select the boost you want to apply from the “Bonus Available” section of the betslip before placing your bet.

You can see all your available rewards in the My Rewards section in your account page.