What is a same game parlay (SGP) bet? (CA)

A same game parlay (SGP) is a single bet that combines multiple outcomes from the same game and is dependent on all of those outcomes winning. Games that support SGP will have a +SGP logo next to every game card.  

To make bets with SGP:

  1. Log into Sportsbook via app, mobile web, or desktop/laptop. 
  2. Locate a game with +SGP and select the game.
  3. On the Event tab or game page, toggle On for Same Game Parlay
  4. Make your picks and tap Add To Bet Slip.


Other rules:

  • SGP is available only for pre-match bets.
  • SGP bets can't be parlayed with other bets.
  • Cashout isn't supported. 
  • To receive bet odds, at least two (2) legs of the parlay must be selected. 

Settlement of these bets will be based on the following criteria:

  • If an SGP contains no losing selections and a selection is settled as void or push then the whole bet will be settled as void.
  • In the case that a market is a tie and no tie selection is offered for betting, then the SGP will be settled as lost.
  • Further settlement rules for SGP are listed within their relevant sports specific sections. All sports specific rules also apply to SGPs unless there is a conflict with those rules and the SGP rules. In those cases, the SGP rules prevail.