Depositing with PayPal - Overview (CA)


  • PayPal deposits process immediately. 


  • A confirmed, individual PayPal account under your name. 
  • A match between your PayPal account information and your DraftKings account information.
  • Note: PayPal Business accounts aren’t accepted for deposit or withdrawal on DraftKings.


  • For Sportsbook and Casino deposits, PayPal requires a verified bank account associated with your PayPal account, or an existing PayPal balance on file.
    • Daily Fantasy Sports and Marketplace deposits don’t require this. 
  • You can’t deposit from a business account. 

Contacting PayPal:


Frequently asked questions: 

How do I find my transaction information on PayPal?

To find transaction information on PayPal:

    1. Log into your PayPal account. 
    2. Click Activity in the top navigation bar. 
    3. Set the:
      • Start date for the day before you deposited. 
      • End date for today’s date. 
    4. Click Filters and below Filter by transaction type, select Payments
    5. The page will automatically update with any payments sent during the selected time period. Locate the DraftKings transaction and click the down arrow icon to the right of the transaction.
    6. Your payment method, Transaction ID, and Invoice ID will all be available for review. 

How can I update my account information on PayPal so it matches DraftKings account information?

To update account information on PayPal:

    1. Log into your PayPal account. 
    2. Click the gear Settings icon at the top of the screen. 
    3. From the Account tab, you can update your: 
      • Address
      • Email
      • Phone number