What is the Refer a Friend program? (CA)

The DraftKings Refer a Friend program is a way for players to earn bonuses by referring friends who will also enjoy playing on DraftKings. 

To refer a friend, you must do the following:

  • Send your friend a referral link.  You can send your link through email, text, twitter or facebook.
  • After your friend clicks on the link, they go to the DraftKings Sign Up page where they can create their own account
  • Once they have created their account, deposited, and completed the actions outlined in the current Refer A Friend offer, both you and your friend will receive the promotional credit offered.
  • IMPORTANT: Your friend MUST use your referral link while creating their account to be credited for the referral!

The specific requirements for Refer A Friend offers change seasonally to match new opportunities offered by DraftKings.  You can always find the most up-to-date details for your current Refer A Friend offer on the referral page within each of the following products: 

To qualify for a bonus, the friends you send your referral link MUST:

  • Click on the link and create an account
  • Be a newly referred player
  • Complete the qualifying actions outline on the Refer A Friend page (see the links above for additional details)

Once the qualifying actions have been completed by the person referring and the newly referred player, both will receive their bonuses. The specific requirements and bonuses change regularly. You can always find the latest details for the Refer A Friend program within the Terms & Conditions links listed above.

IMPORTANTYou shall not yourself, nor shall you authorize, assist or encourage any third party to register as a player or make deposits to any player account (directly or indirectly) through your link for your own personal use and/or the use of your relatives, friends, employees, agents or advisors, or otherwise attempt to artificially increase the rewards payable to you, to meet your minimum acquisition requirements or in any other way attempt to defraud DraftKings.  For more information, please consult the Refer-a-Friend Program Terms.