DraftKings Self Exclusion - Overview (CA)

The option to self-exclude is part of DraftKings' Commitment to Responsible Gaming and helping customers control how and when they use DraftKings products. 

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Self Exclusion Durations

  • 3 Months (Fantasy Sports only)
  • 6 Months (Fantasy Sports only)
  • 1 Year 
  • 5 Years

Note: You’ll see all options defined by your jurisdiction when setting the self-exclusion period. 

During the Self Exclusion Period

  • You can't log into your DraftKings account.
  • You can't make any deposits
  • You can't enter fantasy sports contests. 
  • You can't make any sports wagers. 
  • You can't play in any casino games. 
  • You can't transact on the marketplace. 
  • You won’t be sent any direct marketing from DraftKings. 
  • You can’t withdraw funds from your account without monitored assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Who can self exclude?

Any DraftKings account holder can self exclude. 

How can I self exclude? 

Learn more about how to self-exclude via any DraftKings product

What happens to the funds in my DraftKings account while I'm self excluded?

Any funds deposited into DraftKings will remain in your account for the future. If you'd like to withdraw funds during a self exclusion period, please contact the DraftKings Customer Support Team for assistance. 

What happens after the self-exclusion period ends?

After the self exclusion period, your account will be available for regular use again. 

Can I limit my DraftKings use in other ways?

There are a variety of ways you can manage your use of DraftKings. Learn more about the player limits available to you. 

Can I end my self exclusion period early? 

Once a self exclusion period is set, DraftKings is not permitted to shorten that period.

If I self exclude from DraftKings in one location, do I need to self exclude if I visit another location?

No, once you self exclude in one location, your self exclusion applies everywhere.