Using DraftKings with GeoComply location services - overview (CA)

In order to use DraftKings products, your physical location must be verified at time of use. This can be accomplished one of two ways, depending on the device and product you’re using: 

GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi location services

What are location services? 

Location services allows DraftKings to use GPS, Bluetooth, and/or Wi-Fi information from your device to verify your physical location.

How do I turn on location services? 

Learn more about turning on location services for: 

How do I turn on Wi-Fi?

Learn more about enabling Wi-Fi

GeoComply Player Location Check plugin

What is GeoComply?

GeoComply is a third-party location detection service provider that provides cybersecurity solutions to detect location fraud and verify a user's true digital identity. DraftKings utilizes the GeoComply Player Location Check plugin to provide this service, which is required by multiple state regulators for licensed online sportsbooks and casinos.

How does the GeoComply plugin work? 

After the plugin has been installed, it runs as a service in the background of your computer, confirming your physical location as you use DraftKings products. 

Learn more about managing the plugin.

How do I install the GeoComply plugin? 

The plugin should download and walk you through installation when you first use a DraftKings product, but you can also manually install the plugin.