Can I request to increase my deposit limit? (CA)

There are two types of deposit limits for DraftKings accounts; self-imposed and state-regulated. 


Deposit limits set by the customer can’t be increased until the self-limitation period has expired. The length of time of the self-limitation period is determined by the customer’s physical location and can be found in the Player Limits section of Account Information

On Daily Fantasy Sports: 


On Sportsbook or Casino:



To request an increase: 

  1. Contact our Customer Service team to let us know you’re interested in increasing your deposit limit. 
  2. Our Customer Service team will review your request. If additional information is required, we’ll provide instructions on how to securely upload a photocopy of your license or another valid form of ID, and any requested paperwork.
  3. After all information has been submitted, we’ll follow up to let you know if your request has been approved, or if additional information is needed prior to approval.