What types of wagers are available with DraftKings Sportsbook? (CA)

There are a variety of bet options for you to choose from on Sportsbook:

  • Futures: Bet on season-long results such as which team is going to be the championship winner, total wins for a team, and more.
  • Game lines: Bet on the outcome of the game.
  • Live betting: React to the game in real time using dynamic odds, scores and visuals.
  • Over/under: A wager on the total or the over/under of a game is a wager on the total number of points, runs or goals in a game/match. Totals are available on a wide range of team or player statistics. 
  • Moneyline: A wager on which team/player will win the match/game by picking the outright winner.
  • Parlays, player prop/game parlays, and same game parlays (SGP): A parlay is a wager that combines two or more single wagers into one bet that requires all selections to win in order to win the bet. The more bets added to the parlay, the higher the payout. If one selection in the parlay loses, the entire parlay is declared a loss. If a selection happens to push, that leg is removed from the parlay and the odds are recalculated accordingly.
  • Point spread: A point spread is a number created by oddsmakers at sportsbooks to even out the gap between the favorite and the underdog of a game/match as teams/players are not all equal in skill.
  • Props: A prop bet or proposition bet is a wager on an individual player or specific event in a game/match. This type of wagering allows you to place wagers on outcomes within the game rather than on the game as a whole e.g., points spread, moneyline, and/or totals. 
  • Round robin (RR): A round robin (RR) bet is a way to put multiple parlays together in one bet. The more selections you make the more parlay combinations your round robin will have. RRs will create parlays of all possible combinations based on the selected outcomes, and will allow you to place all combinations of the outcomes in your bet slip quickly and efficiently. Depending on the number of outcomes in your bet slip, you can select from a number of RR options, which will place multiple parlay bets on the various combinations available.
  • Teaser: A teaser allows for the adjustment of point spreads and game totals on two or more picks. A fixed number of points are bought on all picks in the teaser. The number of picks selected and the number of points selected determine the payout odds. All picks must be successful in order for the bet to win. If a pick in the teaser is a push, that pick will be removed from the teaser and the odds will be adjusted accordingly. A push in a two pick teaser, without a loss, will be considered "no action" and the wager will be refunded. When placing a bet on a super/monster teaser, a push will result in a lost bet.