Can I limit the number of times a person can play against me in Head-to-Head contests? (CA)

We know that when you post multiple contests, you may not want to face the same opponent each time. That is why you have the freedom to select the maximum number of times one person can play against you during a particular set of games (sport, time and entry fee). 

To limit the number of contests another player can join for Head-to-Head (H2H) challenges, choose the Opponent Limit selector.  You can set this selector from 1 to a maximum of 20, or unlimited.


If you create 5 challenges with an entry fee of $1 and set the limit selector to 1, this means that each challenge will be against a different person, assuming all 5 are accepted.

On the other hand, if you create 5 challenges and set the limit to unlimited, then you could play all 5 against the same opponent, assuming the same person accepted all of the contests.