Can DraftKings be used to organize a season long league? (CA)

DraftKings doesn't offer season-long leagues in the traditional sense.  For those who love the excitement of season long play, we offer two unique alternatives - best ball contests and leagues.  

 Best ball: In best ball contests, participants draft a lineup via a live snake draft and contests will last the full season (or in select contests a partial season). After the draft there are no trades or roster management.

  • Each week of the contest your highest scoring players are automatically your starting lineup and count toward your team’s overall fantasy point total.
  • Overall contest payouts are based on the cumulative fantasy points scored by your starting lineup each week.
  • Fast drafts give you 30 second per pick to keep things moving, whereas slow drafts allow up to 8 hours per pick.
  • Once the draft is complete, coast through the season. No adds, drops, trades, or waivers. Each week, the top-scoring players automatically slide into your starting positions. Best ball uses the same scoring as DraftKings classic contests.
  • Cash prizes are paid out based on your cumulative total points for the entire contest.
  • Best ball is available for marquee sports such as the NFL and NBA. For more information, please view the selected sport's best ball contest rules.

Leagues: Leagues allow you to play with your friends in private contests across any sport all season long while tracking your results in your league's exclusive leaderboards. For every contest entered you draft a new team lineup and you don’t need to worry about player injuries or bye weeks like you do in traditional season long leagues - a big benefit that improves the game play! 

Simply create a league, invite your friends, and challenge them to contests within the league and follow along with the standings in your league leaderboard. You can even create a recurring contest so all you have to do each week is draft your team.

If you don’t feel like playing every week, you can easily take a week off -  fees are collected only when you enter a contest. Winners are paid out as soon as the contest ends, so you don’t need to wait for the end of the season to get your winnings. 

Create your own league.