Can I edit the payout structure of a Daily Fantasy Sports contest I created after it has been posted? (CA)

DraftKings doesn't allow editing of a contest's size or payout structure once the contest has been created.

However, if all available slots in your contest don't get filled at the time a contest goes live, your contest may be automatically resized. Resizing allows contests to run even though they don't meet the number of entries for which the contest was initially designed. If a contest is resized, it will attempt to keep the same payout structure as it was initially created to have. If that prize structure is unavailable, the next closest prize structure will be chosen. 

Additional Notes: 

  • Only private contests can be resized.
  • The option for a contest to be auto-resized will be available in the Create a Contest flow.
  • If a contest can't be resized and doesn't fill, it will be cancelled. 
  • Recurring contests’ settings will be based on the original contest’s settings.

Learn more about contest resizing rules.