What is a Bonus Bet? (US)


Note: Free Bets not applicable to Ontario and Ohio.

DraftKings may offer promotions where Bonus Bets are rewarded based on a specific activity being completed. You can locate these offerings, as well as promotional terms and conditions by accessing the DraftKings Sportsbook Promotions page.

Please note that promotions may require opt-in prior to participation.

How are Bonus Bets Earned?

To earn Bonus Bets you must first place a qualifying wager for the promotion you wish to take part in with funds from your cash balance or DK Dollars.

Once your qualifying wager has settled, your Bonus Bet would then be issued to your account.

Is there a difference between Free Bets and Bonus Bets?

No. Free Bets and Bonus Bets function the same on DraftKings and are identical in how they can be used, the only difference is the name. As DraftKings works to provide the best consumer experience possible, we sometimes need to make changes to our existing platform. Please keep in mind that the qualify to earn a Free Bet or Bonus Bet, you may be required to place an initial wager, with funds from your cash balance, or a deposit into your DraftKings account.

Using a Bonus Bet

  • Any available Bonus Bets can be located on your Rewards page.
  • Bonus Bet must be selected and applied BEFORE you place your bet.
  • Don’t enter a dollar amount into the bet amount section when using a Bonus Bet.
  • To add a Bonus Bet to your bet slip, you must select the available Bonus Bet from the Bonus Available section on the bet slip.
  • To remove a Bonus Bet from your bet slip, you must select the No Bonus option from the Bonus Available section on the bet slip.
  • Always review your bet slip prior to submitting any bet. This helps ensure the reward your wish to use is selected and the bet you wish to place is correct.
  • Learn more about using a Bonus Bet.

Bonus Bet Exclusions

  • Only one Bonus Bet may be used on a bet slip.
  • Bonus Bets can’t be split into multiple transactions or used on teasers.
  • Bonus Bets can’t be combined with other reward offerings.
  • Bonus Bet stake isn’t included in any potential winnings.
    • Any winnings from a wager placed with a Bonus Bet will be added to your cash balance.
  • Bonus Bets can’t be withdrawn from the site and require a one-time play through. 
  • Bonus Bet must be placed prior to its expiration date. Expiration dates are reflected on your Rewards page.
  • If your Bonus Bet is voided, the reward will be returned to your account following settlement.
  • If your Bonus Bet results in a push, the reward will not be returned to your account.


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