Before and After Your Withdrawal - Overview (US)

We offer many different withdrawal options to accommodate each user's needs. Unfortunately, some withdrawal methods may be unavailable to you. Please refer to your account to see which methods are available to you.

Important Information

  • We ask that users update us of any payment methods they no longer have access to prior to requesting a withdrawal by contacting DraftKings Customer Support Team.
  • We reserve the right to process withdrawals back to the payment source used to deposit.
  • Withdrawals may be canceled due to limited gameplay per our Terms of Use.

Before your request a withdrawal

  • First-time withdrawals to a newly registered withdrawal method will require passing two-factor authentication through your registered email address. Please note that in order to add a new withdrawal method, you must make a successful deposit to DraftKings with that method.
  • Replacement cards to the same account will not interfere with your withdrawal.
  • Most or all withdrawal methods require an initial deposit before a withdrawal can be requested using that method.
  • A payment method that can successfully be used to deposit to your account may still be unavailable for withdrawal. If this is the case, you will need to explore an alternative withdrawal method. DraftKings is unable to add withdrawal methods on your behalf.
  • Wire transfers are initiated Monday through Friday. Any wires submitted Friday after 10 a.m. EST will be processed the following banking business day.
  • Bank processing timelines may be impacted by banking holiday hours and may cause a delay in getting your funds.

If you're planning on requesting a check withdrawal

  • Check withdrawals must be sent to the verified name and address on your account.
  • Check withdrawals cannot be sent to a P.O. box.

After requesting your withdrawal

  • You will receive three separate confirmation emails during the withdrawal process.
    • The first email will confirm that your withdrawal request has been placed.
    • The second email will update you that your withdrawal has been processed and your funds have been prepared.
    • In the third email, you'll receive an email titled "Withdrawal Request Completed," outlining how it was fulfilled and the expected timeframe for the funds to be deposited to your account or the expected timeframe for the fund to arrive if you withdrew with the check option.
  • Once you receive the third confirmation email, you will receive your funds within the following standard time frames listed here.