What's Reignmakers UFC? - Overview (US)

Reignmakers UFC lives at the intersection of collectibles and fantasy gaming. Build a collection of digital fighter game cards, officially licensed by UFC, and use those cards in weekly fantasy UFC contests throughout the UFC event schedule.

Each fighter game card represents an athlete and scores points based on the fighter’s statistical performance in each event they compete in.

Every week of the UFC event schedule, there is a wide variety of fantasy contests posted in the Reignmakers lobby that cater to participants with both large and small Reignmakers’ player card collections.

Each Reignmakers UFC digital fighter game card represents a specific UFC fighter and has multiple forms of utility.

Reignmakers cards can be:

  • Drafted in weekly fantasy contests with huge prizes.
  • Bought & sold at any time on the DraftKings Marketplace.
  • Retained over time to build up your Franchise Score & earn huge rewards.

Reserving entries:

  • The reserve entry feature is not available for Reignmakers contests at this time.

Late swap rules:

  • Late swapping of players in your Reignmakers UFC lineups is not currently available. All cards will lock at the designated contest start time.

Contest entry limits:

  • Many Reignmakers contests will allow for multiple entries where players can submit multiple unique lineups to the same contest. The maximum number of entries will be displayed on the contest lobby cell and in the contest details information.

Event packs:

  • Event packs are packs that will be dropped in the lead-up to nearly every UFC fight card.
  • Event packs will usually only include fighters from the specific upcoming event.
  • See rules on Replacement fighters and canceled fights for more information on digital fighter game cards in event packs that are scratched from an upcoming fight.
  • View upcoming drops >.