Video: What is an SCID? (US)

In this video, we'll walk you through the steps of taking and submitting an image of a Self-Certified Identification (SCID). If you're unable to watch this video, please review the transcription provided below to assist with this process.

Video Transcript

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During your use of DraftKings, you may be asked to submit a self-certified identification or SCID.
An SCID is simply a photo of you holding your current valid government issued license or passport next to your face. This does not include temporary IDs, student IDs, or military IDs.
Here are a few suggestions to upload a great SCID. First. take the time to check that your ID is not expired.
When taking a picture for your SCID, be sure your ID is held close to your face and the image includes your face, shoulders, and your full valid ID. Use front lighting to ensure a clear, quality image and legible text.
Make sure your entire face is visible avoid covering any part of your face with a hat, sunglasses or even covering it accidentally with your ID. Make sure the entire ID is visible and you are not inadvertently covering up important information.
Check that the entire image is clear and there are no blurry areas.
Finally, check your mobile camera settings to be sure the image of your ID is mirrored and the text on the ID can be read in the image. If needed, adjust the settings for your mobile camera to turn on the mirror photo setting.
Once you have a clear and complete SCID, you'll be asked to upload this to our secure document upload center at 
For the security of your account, this this information cannot be accepted via email and must be uploaded through the secure doc upload center.
Please do not email your SCID to DraftKings.
Once your SCID has been uploaded to the secure site, a member of our customer support team will contact you via email to share the status of your account.