Video: Scanning an ID to verify your identity (US)

In this video, we'll walk you through the steps of scanning your ID to verify your DraftKings account. If you are unable to watch this video, please review the transcription provided below to assist with this process.

Video Transcript

A PDF version of this transcript can be found here.

If our third party vendors are unable to verify your identity due to a recent move, name change, or another reason, you will receive this message and need to complete an ID scan. 

Select Scan ID

The remaining steps must be completed on your mobile phone. Have your device ready.

Select Get Secure Link

Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code shown on your screen. If needed, select “how to scan a QR code” for assistance.

Or you can choose an alternate method below, such as a link via SMS text or copying the link.

Complete the steps on your mobile device to scan your identification.

Keep this page open on your computer while completing the steps on your phone.

From your mobile device, we will walk you through using the camera on your phone to take an image of the front and back of your ID.

Hold your phone steady to reduce blurry images and confirm that the text shown in the image can be read. 

Double check that your ID is not expired. 

Select Upload for each image.

When the upload is successful, return to your computer and select submit verification.

As required by law and for the safety and security of your account, enter your 9 digit social security number and select Next.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Select Next.

If your verification is successful, you are ready to start playing!

If at this point, your verification is still unsuccessful, a member of our Customer Support team will contact you via email with next steps.

If necessary, you may be asked to upload additional documents, like proof of residence. For help with this, please watch the uploading documents for verification video.