What is Trade-In? - Overview (US)

Trade-In: This feature allows you to generate exciting new rewards by trading in collectibles you own in your portfolio.

Trade-In Tokens: Trade-In Tokens can be used to complete Trade-In Recipes. Trade-In Tokens will be usable in Trade-In Recipes within the current season that they are issued. Unused Trade-In Tokens, at the end of the season, will not be usable in recipes beyond that particular season. As with all digital collectibles that a user selects in a Trade-In Recipe, the Trade-In Token will be permanently removed from a user’s portfolio and traded in.

  • Trade-In tokens can be acquired on the DraftKings Marketplace.

    1. You can find the Reignmakers 2023 Football Trade-In Token Collection here.

    2. You can find the Reignmakers 2023 PGA TOUR Trade-In Token Collection here.

    3. You can find the Reignmakers 2023 UFC Trade-In Token Collection here.

Each Trade-In recipe requires you to add one or more collectibles from your portfolio and then exchange them to receive your reward.

To complete a Trade-In recipe, you must add eligible editions for all of the inputs shown on the recipe page. Then confirm you want to trade in your collectibles in exchange for your reward. When you select your collectibles to be traded in, those collectibles will be permanently removed from your portfolio.

Learn more about Trade-In or the Trade-In Reignmakers lobby.