What is crafting & burning? - Overview (US)

Crafting & Burning: Feature that allows you to craft exciting new rewards by burning collectibles you own in your DraftKings Marketplace portfolio.

Crafting Tokens: Participants will have the opportunity to acquire crafting tokens that’re necessary to convert prior-year player cards into in-year or current-season player cards.

  • Three ways to obtain a Crafting Token:
    • Primary sales: starting from $1.99 CORE tier crafting tokens to $999.99 Reignmakers tier crafting tokens.
    • Secondary market.
    • Giveaways & airdrops: crafting token airdrop occurred based on a snapshot taken Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. ET. Participants with at least 10 Player Cards at the CORE Tier at snapshot time were eligible.

Each Craft & Burn recipe has a set of required collectibles, and once you have filled each requirement slot you can submit those collectibles to be burned in return for crafting a specific reward. Submitted collectibles will be permanently removed from your DraftKings Marketplace portfolio and burned, thereby being removed from the circulating supply for that collectible.

Learn more about crafting & burning over at DK Nation or the Craft & Burn Reignmakers lobby.

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