What are crafting tokens?

Crafting tokens are DraftKings’ unique type of collectible exclusive to Reignmakers where participants can use them as a part of a crafting recipe to convert prior-year player cards into in-year player cards.

Note: Crafting tokens are eligible to be used ONLY at their assigned rarity tier.

2023 Reignmakers Football Crafting Tokens can be used to complete 2023 Craft & Burn Recipes. 2023 Crafting Tokens will be usable in Craft & Burn Recipes until on or around 2/11/2024.

Unused 2023 Crafting Tokens will not be usable in recipes after 2/11/2024. As with all digital collectibles that a participant submits in a Craft & Burn Recipe, the Crafting Token will be permanently removed from a participant’s DraftKings Marketplace portfolio and burned.