What are card rarity & contest rarity tiers? (US)

Card rarity is an important property for each digital fighter game card. The card’s rarity tier helps define:

  1. The scarcity of that specific variation of card & athlete.
  2. Contest entry eligibility.

In the Reignmakers UFC game, the digital fighter game card will be from five (5) distinct rarity tiers. In order of least to most scarce, those tiers are:

  • CORE
  • RARE

Contest rarity is the gating mechanism that creates value for holding scarcer digital fighter game cards in your collection. Each week, there are contests at the 5 rarity tiers outlined above and each tier typically has a consistent baseline of card requirements for entry:

  • CORE - Any 5 cards
  • RARE - 2 RARE tier cards or higher rarity (ELITE, LEGENDARY, or REIGNMAKER) + 3 CORE cards
  • ELITE - 2 Elite tier cards or higher rarity (LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKERS) + 3 RARE+ cards
  • LEGENDARY - 1 LEGENDARY tier cards or higher (REIGNMAKER) + 4 ELITE+ cards
  • REIGNMAKER - 1 REIGNMAKER tier cards + 4 LEGENDARY+ cards


  • A participant’s Captain must be of the rarity tier or higher - for instance, in ELITE tier, captain must be ELITE, LEGENDARY, or REIGNMAKER rarity.
  • Cards are eligible to be played at the shown rarity tier or lower. For example, a legendary tier card can be used as a core, rare, elite, or legendary card in fantasy contests.