How do I join a UFC contest? (US)

The Lobby tab of the Reignmakers game will display all of the contests that are currently available to join with your Reignmakers digital fighter game cards.

These contests are in an upcoming state, signifying they haven't started yet and there's still time to enter.

An image of the Reignmakers Lobby

Contest cells in the lobby will contain key information detailing:

  • Entry requirements
  • Entrants
  • Eligible game set
  • Prize structure for a given contest.

Participants can view additional contest details on desktop by clicking on the contest name or on mobile by:

  1. Tapping the icon in the top right corner of each contest cell
  2. Selecting, contest details.

See the lobby key for an outline of the different contest icons and indicators:

  • Participants may access this by clicking on the ā€œiā€ button in the top right corner of the contest page.