What happens to removed fighters and canceled fights?

Scratched Fighter Procedure:

Any fighter who is scratched from their scheduled UFC bout will have their Event Set fighter game card updated with a Scratched Contest Eligible metadata field.

If a fighter is scratched and a replacement is announced prior to 5:00 PM ET on the Thursday leading up to the event, customers will have the option to trade-in their scratched fighter game card 1-for-1 for the replacement fighter (no Crafting Token required).

Event Pack recipes will be offered each week exclusively for holders of "Scratch Contest Eligible" fighter game cards in the following fashion (on a first-come, first-serve basis):

Review the table below:

Alternatively, customers may choose to hold their Scratch Contest Eligible fighter game cards for entry into biannual Scratched Fighter Make-Good Fantasy Sports contests (held in June and December). Trade-In recipes will be offered a week in advance of each contest paying out 1:1 in tier-specific contest tickets (max 150 entries per contest). 

Review the table below to view the payout amounts for each of the biannual contests:

And like every other card in the 2024 Reignmakers UFC collection, these Scratch Contest Eligible fighter game cards will be sellable on the secondary marketplace.

To Review: Scratched fighter game cards can either be traded in for replacement fighters (if eligible), traded in for Event Packs, held for bi-yearly Scratched Fighter Make-Good Fantasy Sports contests, or sold on the secondary marketplace.

  • Note: Fighters scratched from the final fight card of the season will receive special Scratch Eligibility recipes in Early 2025.