What happens to removed fighters and canceled fights?

Removed fighters:

The fighter will receive a “0” but will still be eligible to be played within Fight Night contests. A lineup with a scratched fighter included would still be eligible for payouts. If a fighter is scratched prior to 12pm ET on the Friday leading up to the event and a replacement fighter is announced, participants holding the scratched fighter will receive an airdrop of the replacement fighter. 

Canceled fights:

After the 12 pm ET deadline, if a replacement fighter is not announced, the fight is canceled, or a fighter is scratched, holders of the scratched digital fighter game card will receive a ticket to a $5,000 make-good DFS contest.

See below for the make-good information:

  • $5,000 CORE + RARE Contest = 1 ticket per CORE fighter, 2 tickets per 
  • RARE fighter $5,000 ELITE + LEGENDARY + RM Contest = 1 ticket per ELITE fighter, 2 tickets per LEGENDARY fighter, 3 tickets for RM fighter