How do I draft a Reignmakers UFC lineup?

To build a Reignmakers lineup via desktop and mobile web:

1. Log into DraftKings Reignmakers.

2. Select the contest cell you wish to compete in from the Contests lobby.

3. From the draft, screen participants will need to select: (The below example depicts a screenshot and description of a Classic contest style.)

      • Captain:
          • Digital fighter game cards in the Captain position will earn 1.5x the standard fantasy point value for each statistic. Digital fighter game cards within the Captain position may only be filled with a UFC digital fighter game card with a rarity level equal to or higher than the rarity level associated with the contest.
      • Four (4) Additional Event Fighters.
  • Participants can note whether or not they meet the contest requirements via the requirements drawer at the bottom of the draft page in red writing.

4. Select the digital fighter game card needed for the contest one by one.

  • The text under each roster position tells participants how many eligible digital fighter game cards they own and at what rarities.
  • All eligible digital fighter game cards a participant owns are available on the right-side panel after selecting a specific position input.

5. Select the green plus icon (➕) to add the card for that specific fighter to your contest roster. If you don’t own a card for a fighter, select the shopping cart icon (🛒) to view cards for sale on the secondary marketplace.

  • In the above example, there are no owned cards so Jack Della Maddalena was clicked and digital fighter game cards at every rarity tier level are shown for him.
  • Click, Show My Cards Only toggle above the fighter pool to only see owned digital fighter game cards.
    • This process can be used until all roster positions are filled in.


  • Participants will see the following screen if they don't own any digital fighter game cards for a specific fighter.

  • Participants will see the following screen if there are digital fighter game cards available for purchase on the secondary marketplace for a specific fighter.

  • Owning one card for a fighter: clicking the green plus icon (➕) on the first step adds the card directly to a participant’s lineup.
  • Owning multiple cards for a fighter: clicking the green plus icon (➕) will bring up the above modal on the My Editions tab where you can select the specific edition you’d like to draft.

6. Click on each position in the contest and fill the remaining positions with the same methods outlined above utilizing both the green plus icon (➕) and shopping cart icon (🛒) where needed to fulfill the contest digital fighter game card requirements and insert digital fighter game cards into your lineup.

7. Rosters are cleared for submission if the requirements drawer has green check marks and the Submit Lineup button is clickable.

  • Green check marks can be found on the bottom of the screen to the right of Requirements.
  • Submit lineup can be found in the lower right corner of the lineup page and will be white with black letters when ready for submission.

8. Click, submit to enter the lineup.

9. Once it submits it’ll bring participants back to the My Contests page.

Important Notes for participants designing Reignmakers contest lineups:

  • Clicking to purchase the lowest price card for a digital fighter game card at a particular rarity will present the following screen.
  • Clicking to view all cards for a digital fighter game card at a particular rarity shows the following screen.

  • Trying to submit a lineup that doesn’t meet the rarity requirements.
    • As seen in the screenshot below having tried submitting two Core digital fighter game cards.

  • Participants can locate information about the contest they're building a Reignmakers lineup for via the contest details overview.