What are card rarity & contest rarity tiers for Reignmakers PGA TOUR?

Card rarity is an important property for each digital golfer card. The card’s rarity tier helps define:

  1. The scarcity of that specific variation of card & golfer in a participant’s collection.
  2. Contest entry eligibility.

In the Reignmakers PGA TOUR game, the digital golfer cards will be from five (5) distinct rarity tiers. In order of least to most scarce, those tiers are:

  • CORE
  • RARE

Contest rarity is the gating mechanism tied to the rarity tiers of the digital golfer cards in your collection. There can be contests at the 5 rarity tiers and each tier typically has a consistent baseline of card requirements for entry:

Tiers for PGA TOUR Contests:

  • CORE - Can draft from any rarity tier
  • RARE - Must draft at least five (5) Rare tier cards or better + one (1) Core tier cards or better
  • ELITE - Must draft at least three (3) Elite tier cards or better + three (3) Rare tier cards or better
  • LEGENDARY - Must draft at least two (2) Legendary tier cards or better + four (4) Elite tier cards or better
  • REIGNMAKER - Must draft at least two (2) Reignmaker tier cards or better + four (4) Legendary tier cards or better


  • The Captain position may only be filled with a PGA TOUR golfer card with a rarity level equal to or higher than the rarity level associated with the contest.
    • Ex. in a Rare level contest, a participant may only play a card in the Captain position if it has a rarity level of Rare, Elite, Legendary, or Reignmaker.
    • The Captain will score 1.5X fantasy points for your lineup.
  • Digital golfer cards are eligible to be played at their given rarity tier or lower. For example, a legendary tier digital golfer card can be used at the core, rare, elite or legendary tier in fantasy contests.

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