What are the scoring rules for Reignmakers PGA TOUR?

Scoring for Reignmakers PGA TOUR matches DraftKings’ classic daily fantasy scoring system. Participants can view the breakdown of how golfers earn fantasy points in our various contests via the rules pages below.

  1. Learn more about classic scoring.
  2. Learn more about showdown scoring.
  3. Learn more about match play scoring.
  4. Learn more about cup scoring.

Captain Rules:

  • The Captain position may only be filled with a PGA TOUR golfer card with a rarity level equal to or higher than the rarity level associated with the contest.
  • For example: in a Rare level contest, a participant may only play a card in the Captain position if it has a rarity level of Rare, Elite, Legendary, or Reignmaker.
    • The Captain will score 1.5X fantasy points for your lineup