What is a Reignmakers PGA TOUR starter set and additional entry requirements? (US)

Card Set Requirements

Golfer cards are associated with different named sets which impact the visual display of a card and the edition counts. Contests may be created that require you draft golfer cards from a specific card set.

Starter Set Contests

Every week there will be starter set contests where all golfer cards in a lineup must be from the starter set.

Start building a collection of digital golfer cards, officially licensed by the PGA Tour, and use those cards in weekly fantasy PGA Tour contests throughout the PGA Tour schedule. Participants can enter the core level starter contests where only cards from the starter set can be used. Starter set cards can also be used (with some limitations) in other Reignmakers contests.

Note: limitation is up to three (3) starter set cards in core contests (not including the starter contest).

Steps to claim your starter set:

  1. Login to your DraftKings account on mobile web or desktop.
  2. Click, the Reignmakers tab on the top of the screen.
  3. Click, PGA TOUR offer at the top of the Reignmakers home page.
  4. Select one (1) of the available starter set leaders available.
  5. Click, Claim, and participants get directed to the My Cards page.
    • Click the Packs tab if you land on the My Cards page.
  6. Click, Open.
  7. Click, View Contest Lobby.
  8. Select the contest marked Starter, and join using your starter set cards.


  • Every participant is eligible to claim one (1) PGA TOUR starter set.
  • Participants choose a starter set leader out of the available options, within the set is the leader you chose and seven (7) other randomized digital golfer cards; eight (8) in total.
    • Participants should expect that the starter pack leaders displayed while selecting their starter pack are useable and relevant for an upcoming starter contest in the week ahead.
  • Starter sets fall under the CORE contest rarity. Starter set contests will have the word Starter in the contest name, and will have a purple S lobby icon in the contest lobby.
  • Additional use of starter set golfer cards is in CORE contests where participants can play a max of three (5) starter set golfer cards.
    Starter set golfer cards and unopened starter sets are NOT sellable on the secondary marketplace.
Specialty Contests
Throughout the PGA TOUR schedule, DraftKings may offer contests that have differing roster constructions or entry requirements.

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