What’re Reignmakers PGA TOUR greens passes? (US)

The Reignmakers PGA TOUR greens pass is the latest iteration of what participants will remember as field pass with football and octagon pass with UFC. Similar to the other sports’ passes, the greens pass will grant participants exclusive access including preferred drop windows, season-long Reignmakers benefits, DraftKings sitewide perks, and additional perks.

greens pass tiers:


  • Total editions: 3,000.
  • Distribution: Primary sale.
  • Price: $150.


  • Total editions: 300.
  • Distribution: Auction.
  • Price: $1,000 starting bid, $100 increments.


  • Some greens passes will be withheld for promotional purposes, keep an eye out for other ways to earn this exclusive group of pass holders.

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