DraftKings Reignmakers Football Tiebreakers (US)

In the event of a tie for any position in a contest between two (2) or more participants, the edition numbers of the Reignmakers digital player cards used in a participant’s lineup will be used as a tiebreaker. The edition number for each Reignmakers digital player card in a participant’s lineup will be added up, and the participant with the lower sum of edition numbers will be deemed the winner.

  • Example: In the event two (2) participants finish a contest with the same number of points, and the participants selected the Reignmakers digital player cards with the edition counts in the table below, Participant A will be deemed the winner, as the total edition count of their lineup (126) is less than the total edition count of Participant B’s lineup (166).

In the event a participant’s lineup has open positions, an edition number of ten thousand (10,000) will be used as the edition number for each open position in the participant’s lineup for purposes of tiebreakers. Given a tie in a tiebreaker, the related prize pool positions for such tied positions will be evenly split among each of the tied participants.


  • If the prize for first place is two hundred dollars ($200).
  • The prize for second place is one hundred dollars ($100).
  • If two (2) participants tie for first place and have the same sum of edition numbers in their respective lineups, the prizes for first place and second place will be combined and split equally between them.
  • Meaning each of the two (2) tied participants will get one hundred and fifty dollars ($150).
  • Except as otherwise set forth in a contest’s Details page, in the event of a tie in the tiebreaker and the prize pool for the tied positions involves prizes that be divided between the tied participants (e.g. a digital player card or an autographed bat), the prizes that be divided won't be awarded to any participant. Rather, a dollar amount equal to the approximate retail value of such prizes will be split between the participants tied after the tiebreaker.

Single Stat contests don't use this edition count tier breaker. Instead, if two players tie based on total points scored for a lineup, cash prizes among the places tied are split between the tying entries.