Video: Getting started with Reignmakers Football (US)

In this video, we will explain how you can get started with DraftKings Reignmakers Football. Take note: Features shown in this video are subject to change and may sell out or be unavailable outside of the current football season.

If you are unable to watch this video, please review the transcription provided below to assist with this process.



Video Transcript

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Have you tried Reignmakers yet?  Well, now is the time!

Reignmakers is our gamified digital playing card platform allowing you to rip open packs of digital player cards and use those players as members of your Fantasy lineup all season long.

You can access Reignmakers within the DraftKings Daily Fantasy or Sportsbook apps. 

Or by visiting

When Football season starts, grab the free starter pack from the Reignmakers homepage. 

Cards come in 5 different rarity tiers with Core cards being the most common, moving up in rarity to rare, elite, legendary, and finally Reignmaker. 

Next, visit the Reignmakers Lobby to find a contest. 

Review the tier levels and requirements for the contests. 

In this core contest, you can use all core cards or higher tier level cards.

In this rare contest, you can use up to 1 core card but you must have at least 4 rare or higher tier level cards.

You can always buy more cards while building your lineup to meet the contest requirements.

Also, check out the prizes for each contest.  This contest pays 100,000 packs in total prizes, while this contest pays $35,000 in total prizes.

The higher rarity tier cards you have in your collection, the more contests you can enter.

Select a contest and review the lineup requirements.

Add your players for each position.

Search by player name or use the filters to search by set name, rarity tier, or status. 

If you already own the card, add your players with the plus sign. Or use the shopping cart to buy new cards. Continue adding players or buying cards to complete your lineup.

Once you meet the contest requirements, submit your line up!

Select “My Contests” to review your upcoming, live, and recent lineup submissions.

Select “My Cards” to see all cards in your collection. 

You can buy & sell cards on the marketplace to improve your roster ahead of the next contest week.

Your franchise score is calculated by your cards rarity tier and the card set. The higher the rarity tier the more points you receive per card.

Rarer cards (like Reignmaker and Legendary) allow you to enter contests at a higher rarity tier, with fewer competitors, and they give you access to more contests and prizes. 

Compare players using the Players Page where you can see player stats like Fantasy points per game, upcoming opponents, and compare card prices. 

To buy new cards for the next contest, select “Shop” then “Football”.

View “Drops” to see our recent and upcoming pack drops with multiple player cards in each pack. 

Select “Auctions” to participate in auctions and purchase cards and other exclusive offers.

Use the filters to find the league or offering you are interested in. 

Select “Listings” to view the Secondary Marketplace where you can buy, sell, or make offers.

Select the item type. Then, use the filters to find items by price, rarity tier, positions, and more.

When you’re ready to take your Reignmakers collection to the next level, use the dropdown menu to find crafting tokens, which are used to complete Trade-In recipes, allowing you to swap out old cards for current season offerings. Field passes, when available, provide players with exclusive access to discounts, pack drops, and more. And Football Break Tickets for entry into Reignmakers Football Pack Breaks. 

You can also view the “Menu” for easy access to find collection information, your franchise score, and other quick links. 

Stay in the know on all upcoming new features, contests, and prizes available by viewing the Announcements page and following DraftKings on Discord. 

Don’t just draft a fantasy team, own one!