How do I use the Dynamic Odds feature to place a Same Game Parlay? (US)


The Dynamic Odds feature for Same Game Parlays allows you to see what your total Same Game Parlay odds will be before adding selections to your bet slip.

While you are building your Same Game Parlay, the odds of every selection available will change, displaying what the total SGP odds will be if you were to add that leg to your Same Game Parlay bet slip.

Important: To view and place wagers using the Dynamic Odds feature you must be on App Version 4.21 or higher.

What markets are available for this feature?

  • Live MLB Same Game Parlays
  • Live NFL Same Game Parlays
  • Live College Football Same Game Parlays

How do I enable the Dynamic Odds Feature?

1. To enable the Dynamics Odds feature, you will first need to select a game you want to place a Same Game Parlay wager on and tap the Same Game Parlay tab.

2. Once you have entered the Same Game Parlay section, at the top of your screen swipe the slider to the right to enable the Dynamic Odds feature.

3. Once the Dynamic Odds feature is enabled, you will receive a notification that the Dynamic Odds feature has been turned on and the market selections will change in color from green to yellow.

How do I place a wager using the Dynamic Odds feature?

Once you have selected the game you’d like to place a wager on and enabled the Dynamic Odds feature, you can start building your Same Game Parlay.

1. For example, you choose to place a Same Game Parlay using Dynamic Odds on the Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards game.

2. The two selections you would like to add for your wager are Corey Kispert over 13.5 points at -130 odds and Denis Avdija under 14.5 points at -155 odds.

3. Tap the selection of Corey Kispert over 13.5 points to add it to your bet slip. Once selected, you will see some of the selections become unavailable, as these are the markets that cannot be combined with the current selections in your bet slip.

4. Once your selection of Corey Kispert over 13.5 points has been added to your bet slip, you can continue to build your Same Game Parlay by selecting Deni Avdija under 14.5 points which has original odds of -155.

5. With the leg of Corey Kispert over 13.5 points already in your bet slip, the Dynamic odds feature will now show the selection of Deni Avdija under 14.5 points at +180 odds. The change in Deni Avdija odds from under 14.5 points from -155 to +180 represents the total odds of the Same Game Parlay if that selection is added.


6. Once you have finished adding your selections to your bet slip, place your bet!