How to get verified on DraftKings Social? (US)

DraftKings Social is DraftKings’ social community that allows our players to interact with each other, find and share bets, follow verified players, meet new players, and create contests. 

Several of our players have been recognized by DraftKings and have been DK Social Verified.  These players can be recognized by the DK Social Verified Crown next to their username in DraftKings Social ().

In order to become recognized as DK Social Verified, you will need to complete the following steps: 

1) Make sure your bio is up to date and descriptive with no spelling errors and that you have a profile pic uploaded.

2) You've posted multiple times and received reactions and comments (your posts are useful and interesting to others).

3) You're preferably using your real name (but not required).

4) You’ve started to generate followers.

Here’s a short description of the verification process from one of our DraftKings team members: How to get verified on DK Social