How does DraftKings keep Fantasy Sports contests transparent? (US)

DraftKings is committed to providing our players with a fair and transparent experience to preserve the safe, fair, and competitive nature of contests that Fantasy Sports players have come to know and love. Learn more about DraftKings’ Commitment to Fair Play.

With transparency in mind, players can download and view CSV files for any Fantasy Sports Contest.

Important Information

  • These CSV files allow players to see all lineups attributed to each entry into a Fantasy Sports Contest (after the contest locks). Players can learn more about lineup construction by comparing winning lineups. 
  • Downloadable CSV files are only accessible via a desktop or laptop experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download a CSV file on a mobile device?

The option to download a CSV file isn’t available via the DraftKings Fantasy Sports app.

How many entries does the Game Center display?

The GameCenter’s Standings section will show the current rank for each entry in the contest, up to 500 entries. For contests that include more than 500 entries, each Team Name will be listed up to the 500th position, and after that, only the last place Team Name for each prize tier will be listed.

For players to see the entire field of entries, you must download the CSV file. Please note, GameCenter’s live standings are provided for entertainment purposes; final contest results and prize calculations are based on the final statistics and scoring results at the completion of the contest and following a review by DraftKings.

How long are CSV files available for a completed contest?

A CSV file is available for 10 days after the contest ends.

Can I download a CSV file while a contest is active?

Yes, players can download a CSV file while a contest is live.

Important Note: CSV files downloaded while a contest is live are frozen in time with current in-game stats. As the game evolves, these stats will change. These stats and scoring in the CSV are for entertainment value only.

DraftKings’ official scoring validation process begins once all games within the contest are final. This will provide a completed CSV file.

You can find more information about DraftKings Rules and Scoring.

How soon can I download a CSV file?

CSV files can not be downloaded until after the contest locks.

How can I download a CSV file from a DraftKings Fantasy Sports Contest?

To download a CSV of the full contest standings:

  1. Log into DraftKings on a desktop or laptop.
  2. Click Contests.
  3. Locate the contest you’d like to download the CSV for.
    • If the contest is in progress, select Live under My Contests.
    • If the contest has ended and is marked as Completed, select History under My Contests.
  4. Click Results.
  5. On the GameCenter page for the contest, click Export Lineups to CSV below Standings.
  6. The file will automatically begin to download.

Learn more about downloading a CSV to see GamingCenter standings.

Where can I view the CSV file once it is downloaded?

CSV files are optimized to be opened and viewed by any spreadsheet application or text file reader. We suggest using a spreadsheet application, however, as it is easier to read. CSV files can be opened and viewed in any of these spreadsheet applications, such as:
    • Google Sheets
    • Apple Numbers
    • Microsoft Excel

What information will be available in the CSV file?

The CSV file will display the rostered lineups for all opponents, inclusive of ownership in the contest the CSV is downloaded from.

The CSV file is set up in two sections and includes the following details:

  • Contest entrant information, such as:
    • Rank (position)
    • Time Remaining
    • Fantasy Points earned
      • Note: this is an estimate while the contest is still live
        Lineup attributed to the contest entry
  • Athlete information, such as:
    • Roster Position
    • % Drafted
    • Fantasy Player Points

Once the contest is complete, a player can review the results of all entries’ final rank, and prize position.

Learn more about downloading a CSV in GameCenters to see contest standings.

How does downloading the results of a contest as a Contest Standings CSV file make things fair?

The Contest Standings CSV file allows you to review the results of the contest, lineups, finishing position, athletes drafted, ownership percentage, and fantasy points. Providing transparent and clear results of the contest, and who you were up against.

What is an ownership percentage?

Ownership percentage is defined as the percentage of contest entries that rostered a specific athlete during that contest. Ownership percentages are specific to each contest.

Example: A player joins an NFL contest, and rostered the athlete Patrick Mahomes. In the same contest, other players also drafted Patrick Mahomes as their main pick. Once the contest concluded, the final CSV shows that 41% of players who entered the NFL Contest owned and drafted the athlete Patrick Mahomes.