What is a Same Game Parlay (SGP) bet? (US)

A Same Game parlay (SGP) works the same as a regular parlay but allows you to combine multiple outcomes from the same game. A Same Game Parlay is dependent on all of those outcomes winning, just like a regular parlay. Events that support SGP will have a +SGP logo next to every game card.  

To place a SGP:

  1. Log into Sportsbook via the app, mobile web, or desktop/laptop
  2. Locate an event with +SGP and select it.
  3. On the Event tab or game page, toggle On for Same Game Parlay.
  4. Make your picks and tap Add To Bet Slip.


Other rules:

  • SGP is available only for pre-match bets.
  • Cash out isn't supported. 
  • To receive bet odds, at least two (2) legs of the parlay must be selected. 

Settlement of these bets will be based on the following criteria:

  • In applicable states, when an SGP contains a player who didn't participate and legs become voided, the SGP will adjust the odds and settle based on the outcome of the remaining legs. 
  • For further sportsbook SGP settlement rules, review the Market Rules section of the sportsbook.
  • For further sports-specific SGP settlement rules, review the relevant sports-specific sections of the sportsbook.

Important: Due to the nature of the bet type, SGP odds are calculated differently than in other types of parlay bets. Please take careful note of the SGP-specific odds before placing a bet.


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