What are Reignmaker Training Contests?


Training contests allow our new and existing players to kick off their Reignmakers Franchises by participating in contests with a great shot at early winnings. There is no fee to play a training contest and each player can enter Training Contests up to three (3) times in each sport.

How do I find training contests?

Training contests will appear at the top of the Lobby if you’re eligible to enter them. 

The lobby will also show how many training contests you’ve submitted in that sport out of the three you are eligible to. Training contests in a given sport will disappear from your lobby once you’ve submitted three of them. Training contests entries are not refreshed between seasons after 2023, so if you use all three this season you will not be able to enter more in 2024.

A visual representation of this process can be found below:


How come I don’t see training contests in my lobby?

If you don't see training contest in the DraftKings Reignmakers lobby, either you have already entered the permitted number of training contest lineups for that sport or there are no training contests posted at that time. Once you submit three Training Contest lineups for a sport they will disappear from your lobby view, and you will also receive a notification message regarding completing three training contests.