What is a Jackpot? (US)

Below are the following jackpot types DraftKings offers:

Traditional Jackpots

A traditional jackpot consists of a large cash prizes that players have the chance to win while playing casino games including slots, table games, and other innovative casino games.

DraftKings Progressive Jackpots

DraftKings Progressive Jackpots is an optional feature where players can opt in to participate in a Jackpot.

Players can opt in by selecting the “Opt In and Play” button on a linked game tile before launching the game or the “Opt In” button on the in-game Jackpot panel at the top of the screen of the linked game.

  • Important Note: Players can opt in and out at any time. Once a player chooses to opt in, they are authorizing the placement an additional Jackpot Wager every hand, spin, or round until they choose to opt out.
  • DraftKings currently offers multiple types of Progressive Jackpots including Single Level and Multi-Level Jackpots. Players can learn more about DraftKings Progressive Jackpots.

DraftKings Promotional Jackpots

DraftKings Promotional Jackpots do not require an opt in but require a minimum qualifying wager to be placed in order to qualify for a chance to win.

Players will be able to see this required minimum qualifying wager in the games lobby and the in-game Jackpot Banner drop-down at the top of the screen.

DraftKings Promotional Jackpots are awarded in DK Dollars, or when specified, physical prizes. Players can learn more about the prizes available via the terms & conditions of the promotional offer.

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