What Stats are offered for Pick6? (US)


Below is a list of the stat categories that can be selected for players when building your Pick Set in Pick6. Please note that not every stat category will be available for selection in every Pick Group. DraftKings reserves the right to determine which players and stat categories are available for each Pick Group. For more information, please visit the Pick6 Rules and Scoring page.


Points (PTS) Rebounds (REB)
Assists (AST) Blocks (BLK)
Steals (STL) 3-Pointers Made (3PM)
Turnovers (TO) Points + Assists (Pts+Ast)
Points + Rebounds (Pts+Reb) Points + Assists + Rebounds (P+A+R)
Assists + Rebounds (Ast+Reb) Steals + Blocks (Stl+Blk)
Double Double (DDbl)  



Passing Yards (PaYrds) Passing Touchdowns (PaTD)
Receiving Yards (RecYds) Rusing Yards (RuYds)
Interceptions Thrown (INT) Passing Attempts (ATT)
Rushing Attempts (RuAtt) Receptions (REC)
Completions (COMP) Rush + REce Yards (Ru+Rec)
Kicking Points (KPTS) Total Touchdowns (TD)



Points (PTS) Assists (A)
Blocked Shots (BS) Goals (G)
Shots on Goal (SOG) Power Play Points (PPP)
Time on Ice (TOI) Faceoffs Won (FOW)
Saves (SV) Fantasy Points (FPTS)