Pick Eligibility (US)


Your Pick Set must be made from picks within the same sport and Pick Group. This ensures that your opponent's build their Pick Sets from the same collection of available selections.

Will available selections or stat projections change once they are posted?

No. Once picks are posted, DraftKings will not remove a pick or change a player's projection line.

Can I select a player more than once in the same pick set?

No, you can only select a player once and must make picks from players of at least two (2) different teams.

Are there minimum play requirements for my selections?

Picks are only eligible to be scored as Correct if the player selected meets the minimum play requirements, regardless if you select More or Less for that pick. For full rules, please refer to the rules and scoring guide.

What happens if a player is not expected to play?

If a player is not expected to play, DraftKings may make the player from unavailable to be selected in the Pick Group. If you already have a player in one or more of your Pick Sets when an injury becomes known, DraftKings will send you a notification alert to edit your Pick Set. Learn more about editing your picks.