How do I edit my picks? (US)

When can I edit my Pick Set?

Pick Sets are eligible to be edited at any time leading up to Pick Group start time. In order to save an edit to a Pick Set, the original number of picks cannot be changed.

  • Each individual player will become “locked” at the scheduled start time of their team’s game.
  • For UFC and PGA Tour, players will become "locked at the start time of their Pick Group
  • Locked players are displayed as such in the Edit Picks flow on your MyPicks tab.
    • A locked player cannot be added or removed from a lineup.
  •  Pick Sets that have swappable players can be edited on your MyPicks tab.

How do I edit my Pick Set?

  1. Navigate to your MyPicks tab.
  2. Locate and select the Pencil Edit icon.
  3. Once selected, you will see each pick that is eligible to be swapped marked with an “X”.
  4. You can choose to keep the pick but change your more or less selection, or replace the pick altogether with another eligible pick.

A visual representation of this process can be found below: