Pick Set Edits & Late Swaps (US)


For some leagues, Pick Sets may be edited at any time prior to a game starting. Each individual player will become “locked” at the scheduled start time of their team’s game. A locked player cannot be added or removed from a line up. Locked players are displayed as such in the Edit Picks flow from your MyPicks tab.

Lineups that have swappable players can be edited on your MyPicks tab. Pick edits for Pick6 are done at the Pick Set level. Any swaps made to a Pick Set will affect all contest entries associated with that Pick Set. Learn more about how to edit your picks.

For other leagues, such as PGA TOUR, each player will lock at the start time of the Pick Group and no late swaps will be allowed. Check the "Pick Set Edits" section of each league's Rules and Scoring to learn more.

What if a game starts earlier or later than the originally scheduled time?

If the scheduled start time for a game changes after contests for a Pick Group containing that game become available, DraftKings will take measures to ensure the change is reflected in pick and edit flows. In the rare case that a game starts before the scheduled start time, all players within that game will become locked as soon as our feed reflects that the game has begun. Additionally, any edits that were made after the real-life start of the game will result in those Pick Sets being disqualified and refunded.