Postponed / Game Changes (US)

In the event that a game is canceled or postponed & rescheduled to a time within the original scoring period, the game will be included in the Pick Group and picks listed to play in that game can be graded as either a win or loss (subject to minimum play requirement).

If a game is rescheduled for a time OUTSIDE the original scoring period, the game will be disabled from the Pick Group. Picks from that game will be graded as losses. Players is disabled games will become locked at the originally scheduled start time of their game.

The scoring period may be different for each sport. For each scoring period definition, please review the respective rules and scoring under the “Canceled, Postponed, and Rescheduled Games” section. DraftKings reserves the right to adjust the scoring period for a Pick Group at their sole discretion to accommodate schedule changes any time before 12:00 AM ET on the day after the Pick Group is scheduled to start.

DraftKings may move a Pick Group or a game’s start time if it is known that a game will be starting at an earlier or later defined time than originally announced.

Games are “known” to be canceled or postponed once their status is updated as such by DraftKings’ 3rd party stats provider for the sport.

Learn more about how DraftKings Pick6 handles postponements and game changes.