What is Live Prizing? (US)


Live Prizing takes into account the current performance of all entries you are competing against and displays what the potential amount of your winnings is pacing towards for each prizing tier. 

To calculate Live Prizing, all contest entries you are competing against are grouped based on the current number of picks they have correct.

The amount shown in the Live Prizing table are based on each entry you are competing against finishing with the number of picks they currently have correct, and calculates what your cumulative winnings would be after splitting prizes in each contest. This means that when your competitors get picks right or wrong as the game action unfolds, their entries will move to a different prize tier, which will change the Live Prizing amounts displayed for each tier.

The following pick statuses are considered still eligible to be correct for the purpose of Live Prizing:

  • Correct (Final)
  • Currently Correct

The following pick status are considered not eligible to be correct for the purposes of Live Prizing

  • Currently Wrong
  • Wrong (Final)
  • Pending
  • Not Yet Started
  • Not Yet Played

Locating Live Prizing

The Live Prizing is located in the Live MyPicks Tab.

The Live Prizing table displays the live distribution of the performance of entries you are competing against as well as the historical average final results. The share of entries that have all final pick statuses will be displayed in green and will not change prize tiers. The share of entries that have at least one (1) non-final pick status are displayed in orange and may drop to a lower prize tier.

Important: Amounts shown in the Live Prizing table are not a promise of future results or the minimum prizes. Actual prizes awarded are calculated and processed when each game in the Pick Group has gone final and player statistics from official league scoring have been finalized, typically at the end of the night.

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