When will I receive my Pick6 winnings? (US)

Winnings for your Pick Set will process after both of the following have occurred:

  1. Each game in the Pick Group has gone final, which may include games that you do not have picks for.
  2. DraftKings has finalized the stats for each game in the Pick Group to confirm their accuracy with the official scoring from the respective leagues, typically at the end of the night.

Due to this, there may be time between when your picks have all gone final and when any winnings process to your account. This is done to ensure that all of your pick results and all of your competitors' pick results are accurate and match official state providers before winnings are processed.

If you would like to know how much your potential winnings amount is progressing throughout the contest, check out the Live Prizing section under a Pick Set within your MyPicks tab. Learn more about how Live Prizing is calculated.