DraftKings Reignmakers Paid Entry Contests - Overview (US)


DraftKings Reignmakers is expanding the prize pool for previous seasons cards by introducing contests with entry fees! A Paid Contest functions the same as a traditional, the only difference is that when submitting your lineup you’ll pay an entry fee. You can enter Reginmakers paid contests using your available account balance, crowns, or tickets. 

How do I enter Paid Contests?

1. You can enter paid contests from the DraftKings Reignmakers Contest Lobby. The entry fee for each paid contest will be displayed in green under “Requirements”. 

2. Draft your lineup by selecting from your owned cards and click Submit.

3. Once selecting Submit, you’ll be given the option to select how you would like to pay for your contest entry.

    1. If you have a Ticket that can be used to pay for the Contest selected, you will be prompted to apply the Ticket for your Entry Fee.
    2. If you have enough Crowns to pay the Entry Fee you'll see the option to pay with Crowns If you don’t have enough Crowns to pay the Entry Fee you will only see your account balance as an available selection.

Will I receive a refund for my Paid Reignmakers Entry if I withdraw from the Contest?

Yes. If you withdraw a Paid Entry for Reignmakers you will be refunded in the form of currency you used to enter the Contest.

Can I enter Paid Contests using Bulk Entry?

Yes! Our Bulk Upload templates will include the Entry Fee for Paid Contests. Create your template and we’ll calculate the total Entry Fees for your Bulk Entry submission when you upload your CSV. Learn more about Bulk Entry

After confirming submission of your Bulk Entry, we will submit your qualifying entries. Any entries that don’t qualify for the Contests entered will not be submitted. You will only pay for the entries that we successfully submit and the Bulk Entry summary screen will display the total amount of entry fees you will be charged. Please note, that at this time Crowns cannot be used to pay for bulk entries to DraftKings Reignmakers Paid Contests.

Why did my Paid Contest get canceled?

Some Paid Contests may only have a small number of seats and will only run if the contest fills up. These contests are known as non-guaranteed contests. If all the seats don’t fill and the Paid Contest is canceled, you will be refunded your entry fee.