DraftKings Progressive Parlays - Overview (US)

What are Progressive Parlays? 

Progressive Parlays are similar to traditional parlays where you choose multiple selections for a single wager. However, Progressive Parlays provide a margin of error, as a Progressive Parlay can still pay out in the event a selection(s) within the Progressive Parlay settle as a loss. 

Please note, at this time Progressive Parlays are not available in Arizona or Pennsylvania.

Important: To place a Progressive Parlay you must be on a mobile device and App Version 4.29 or higher.

How do Progressive Parlays work?

The number of selections within a Progressive Parlay that can settle as a loss and still result in a pay out is dependent on the total number of selections in the Progressive Parlay. 

Similarly, the potential returns for a Progressive Parlay are dependent on the number of selections in the wager. The greater the number of selections included in a Progressive Parlay, the greater the potential returns and the greater number of losing selections allowed. 

What are the requirements for placing a Progressive Parlay?

  1. You must make a minimum of three (3) selections to place a Progressive Parlay.
  2. You can make a maximum of twelve (12) selections to place a Progressive Parlay.
  3. Individual players can not be selected more than once. 
  4. You can make a maximum of 3 selections from a single game.
  5. Bonus Bets and Promotional Offers, with the exception of 'Bet and Gets', cannot be used to place a Progressive Parlay.

How do I place a Progressive Parlay?

1. Log in to your DraftKings Sportsbook account on your mobile device.

2. Navigate to the NFL League Page, NBA League Page, or College Basketball League Page*.

3. At the top of the page, select Progressive Parlay in the menu bar.

4. Make at least 3 selections to add to your bet slip.

5. Enter a wager amount and place your bet.

A visual representation of this process can be viewed below:


What if one of my selections in a Progressive Parlay settles as a push or does not play? 

A selection that is settled as a push is considered a losing selection in a Progressive Parlay.

For selections where a player does not participate in an event, the individual leg will be settled as void and excluded from the Progressive parlay. This will result in the Progressive Parlay being recalculated to reflect the remaining selections.

Examples for when selections are voided in a Progressive Parlay:

  1. In the event a Progressive Parlay is placed with four (4) selections, if one (1) of the selections was voided, and the Progressive Parlay contains no losing or additional pushed selections, the wager would become a three (3) selection Progressive Parlay. 
  2. In the event that the number of voided selections results in there being no more than two (2) remaining selections in the Progressive Parlay, and there is no more than one (1) selection settled as lost or a push, then the whole Progressive Parlay will be settled as void.

What sports and markets are available for progressive parlays?

Progressive Parlays can be placed on the following player props for NFL.

  • Passing yards
  • Receiving yards
  • Rushing yards

Progressive Parlays can be placed on the following player props for NBA.

  • Points
  • Rebounds
  • Assists

Progressive Parlays can be placed on the following player props for NCAA Basketball.

  • Points
  • Points +Rebounds + Assists.

*Important: College Basketball player props are subject to jurisdictional availability. Learn more about DraftKings Sportsbook College betting restrictions.

How many legs can I lose and still receive a payout? 

A full breakdown of the pay table, based on the number of selections in a Progressive Parlay, is provided below and is available in your bet slip. The pay table includes the payout amount and the number of losing selections allowed for the wager to still result in a payout.

Number of Selections in your Progressive Parlay Maximum amount of losing selections
3 - 5 Legs  One leg can settle as a loss.
6 - 8 Legs  Up to two legs can settle as a loss.
9 - 10 Legs Up to three legs can settle as a loss.
11 - 12 Legs Up to four legs can settle as a loss.


  Legs Won and Odds  
Number of Legs All 1 Loss 2 Losses 3 Losses 4 Losses
3 +125 -400 0 0 0
4 +400 -200 0 0 0
5 +1100 +100 0 0 0
6 +1400 +100 Return Wager 0 0
7 +4000 +100 Return Wager 0 0
8 +8000 +200 -200 0 0
9 +10000 +225 +100 Return Wager 0
10 +15000 +1600 +150 Return Wager 0
11 +20000 +1700 +200 -400 Return Wager
12 +40000 +3000 +600 -200 Return Wager