What happens if I am disconnected while playing Live Dealer Ultimate Texas Hold’em? (US)

Important Information

If a player is disconnected when playing Live Dealer Ultimate Texas Hold’em, there are typically two outcomes that can occur

You are disconnected before your initial bet is placed

If you're disconnected from a game round while betting time remains, any bets placed will be void and the bets will be returned to you. Please note that you have not been charged for this wager.

Important Note: You may receive a “Bet Rejected” notification as your wager was not taken.

If you are disconnected after your initial bet or subsequent bets (e.g., calls or raises) are placed, and your decision is required

Players will have an allotted amount of time to make a decision. If decision time expires and you have not yet made a decision to Call or Fold, your hand will be folded automatically, and you will lose all your bets (including, without limitation, any initial bets, calls, or raise bets). 

  • Please read each table game's rules before playing to determine if you will fold after disconnecting.
  • The betting-time indicator will display the message: AUTO FOLDED

You will see the results of the game round and round history within your transactions