Video: Get started with Progressive Parlays for Sportsbook (US)

In this video, you'll learn how to get started with Progressive Parlays in the Sportsbook iOS app. With Progressive Parlays you can still win even if not all of your selections do.

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With Sportsbook Progressive Parlays, you can build out your own parlays on player prop lines. Progressive Parlays allow you to win even if you don’t hit on all your selections.

To get started, visit the league of your choice and tap Progressive Parlay. Currently, NFL and NBA offer Progressive Parlays– more leagues will be added in the future.

Select a stat across the top, then make your over under selections. Select between 3 and 12 legs. As you make your selections, the bet builder will show how many more picks you need, how your odds change, and how many legs must hit for your bet to pay out.

Keep in mind you can’t use the same player more than once and can’t have more than 3 selections from the same game.

Tap “View Full Pay Table” to learn about your odds for winning with each leg.

Confirm the accuracy of your progressive parlay selections on the bet slip. Take note: Bonus bets are not eligible to use with progressive parlays.

After placing your bet, track the progress and see your overall success from “My Bets”.

Now, go give progressive parlays a try!