Video: How to use Casino Bonus Funds (US)

In this video, you'll learn how to find and use Casino Bonus offers, including how to opt in, track offers, and even forfeit if interested.

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Get in on the action with Casino bonuses! You can opt-in to multiple offers at once, track your play, and even forfeit from the same zone.
Casino bonuses may be offered in the carousel across DraftKings products but can only be applied to Casino games.
You can also find available bonuses from Rewards, then Promos.
When you find an offer, be sure to read the terms and conditions to understand any wager, play-through requirements, or other requirements before opting-in.
Play-through requirements refer to the number of times the funds need to be wagered, or in certain cases, the amount that needs to be played to earn Casino Bonus Funds.
For example, with this type of deposit bonus you could deposit $10 and then receive a $10 match, totaling $20 in Casino Bonus Funds.
Your $20 will have a play-through requirement, for this offer it’s 10 times. This means you must play through the $20 ten times or play through $200 before you can withdraw any winnings.
Other Casino bonuses may have different requirements so it's important to read the terms.
If you’re interested in the offer, select “opt in”.
Some bonuses may require you to make a deposit. Complete a deposit for the amount you want to match, up to the maximum allowed for the offer.
Casino Bonus Funds are not withdrawable until you reach the play-through amount completing the offer. Casino Bonus Funds are lost if the offer expires or you choose to forfeit the bonus.
Track your progress as you play in the Reward Center.
Tap “Rewards”.
From here, you can see the amount in Casino Bonus Funds and your progress in meeting the playthrough requirement.
As you play, remember some games, like slots, have higher contribution rates.
This means you contribute more to meet the play-through requirement with slots or Rocket than some others.
Learn more about play-through requirements and contribution rates by visiting our Help Center.
If you would rather stop using the bonus and unlock any remaining deposited funds, you can choose to forfeit your bonus.
Read the forfeiture information as it outlines the amounts you will lose in bonus funds and winnings, and how much of your original deposit you’ll get back.
Now, find a promotion and get in on the action!